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Auto Dealer Text Messaging, Marketing & Communications Software for Sales & Service Departments


There’s no other two-way text messaging software for auto dealers in the United States that provides the power and interactivity of the TEXT2DRIVETM marketing, sales & service platform. TEXT2DRIVE is a proven performer in raising your dealership’s CSI scores (customer satisfaction index) and revenue.

Dealerships that used automated CSI survey requests experienced an average increase of 141% in the number of surveys completed over the course of one year.

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  • Increases CSI Scores in 90-Days by 4% on Average
  • FCC & TCPA Legal Compliant
  • Less Voice Mail & Phone Tag
  • DMS Integrated & Certified
  • No Entering Data by Hand
  • Real-Time – Cloud Based
  • Runs on ALL Computers, ALL Devices
  • Integrates with Your Website
  • Text Between Individuals or Departments
  • Control ALL Dealership Communications
  • Records & Archives Securely


  • 76% of 4.7 Million Text Messages Sent Last Month by Our Clients Were AUTOMATED
  • Faster Status Updates to Customer
  • Quicker Customer RO Authorizations
  • Texts When Vehicle is Ready for Pick-up
  • Sends CSI Survey Automatically Resulting in a 141% Increase in Surveys Completed
  • No Writing Necessary with Templates
  • 92% Of Customers Prefer to Pay Invoice Via Text
  • No Long Lines or Surprises at Check Out
  • Service Reminders Generated $6,643/mo in Additional Revenue on Average per Dealership


  • Highest Open Rate of 98% Against ANY Other Form of Communication
  • Increases Sales Conversions by 100%
  • Personal Phone Numbers are Protected
  • You’re Not Chained to the Desk
  • Follows You Throughout Dealership
  • 10X Quicker Than a Phone Call
  • Starts Conversation with Customer Automatically
  • Grow Your DOUBLE OPT-IN Marketing Database
  • Easy Learning Curve – Spend More Time Selling


These Features are Critical for Ensuring your Text Messaging Communications Software is Effective

The fact is, all text messaging communication platforms are not created equal. Most lack features that are critical for helping your dealership increase service revenue, boost vehicle sales and improve Customer Satisfaction Index (CSI) scores.

Lifecycle automation via text message that never stops working for auto dealers

Automated Text Message Templates That Drive Communication For Your Dealership’s Service, Parts & Sales Departments:

CSI Score Text Makeover, a 35% Improvement
Over 1,400 Auto Dealers Nationwide Use TEXT2DRIVE
76% of all dealership text messages were automated


3 out of 4 of the dealership's customers would NOT have been texted without implementing TEXT2DRIVE's Lifecycle Automation!

Automation Interfaces For A Dealership's Parts, Service & Sales Department
98% Text Messaging Open Rate
45% Sales & Service Response Rate
90 Second Text Messaging Response Time
40% Higher Text Marketing Conversions

TEXT2DRIVETM User of the Week


Chad Huggins

Chad Huggins

Valley Auto World BMW

Fayetteville, NC

"TEXT2DRIVE has been extremely helpful managing my day to day interactions with clients. It stays busy almost constantly, so being able to text back and worth, while sending invoices, and being able to track these conversations while being mobile, just keeps things moving much smoother and more efficient. Thanks to everyone at TEXT2DRIVE for great support and a superior software."

New Country Motor Car Group Review

“TEXT2DRIVE has been a key technology platform for our automotive group to expand and drive demand generation. The ability to implement and execute on an enterprise platform has been a key driver to its success. The management and support team at T2D is second to none and has allowed for customization to our needs. TEXT2DRIVE is a text messaging software any auto dealer group or dealership can install with confidence knowing it….WILL DRIVE PROFIT TO THE BOTTOM LINE.”

–Brian Milleman, Fixed Operations Director,
New Country Auto Group



Tap into valuable data; all text communications (videos, photos & SMS) are recorded and stored within the CRM software and is easily accessible. You never again have to worry about an employee leaving and losing the data because the information is never actually on a personal device.

Dealerships that sent video MPIs from TEXT2DRIVE experienced a $125 increase in RO totals.



The creators of similar software to TEXT2DRIVE claim they incorporate automation when in reality, their “automation” requires manpower. This could mean manually entering information or uploading spreadsheets. Regardless of what exactly it entails, the bottom line is, your dealership would have to invest more time and energy into it than our solution.

Customers who received an automated text service reminder, 19% of them had a service performed within less than 30 days!



Safety recalls are serious and need to be addressed immediately! No communications mode will ever deliver safety recalls to your customers faster and more effectively thank text messaging. Allow TEXT2DRIVE to do all the work on your behalf. Your customers will appreciate your concern for your safety.

Recall alerts last month helped dealerships earn an average total pay of $282.20 per RO.

Speed CheckOut


Consumers today expect and appreciate the convenience of secure mobile bill payment. TEXT2DRIVE brings you the best text message payment system on the market. Speed CheckOutTM Mobile Bill Payment moves your auto dealership into the express lane by streamlining the payment cycle from start to finish via automated messaging. Our simple and intuitive software interface works seamlessly with your DMS.

91.92% of customers sent Speed CheckOut requests by dealerships last month opted to pay their bill online.



Get more mileage from your communication efforts. Our two-way text communication software works on ALL smartphones, tablets, and computers. We offer unlimited users and unlimited texting with NO hidden usage costs. With Group Chat, groups or departments can communicate within your dealership via text messaging.

Dealerships on average save approximately 40 HOURS PER WEEK by utilizing TEXT2DRIVE!



Unlock your website’s potential with interactive buttons. You’ll be amazed at what we can do! You can text special offers and coupons, schedule appointments, live chat with customers, and connect with website visitors, all via text messaging.

Hawkinson Nissan did $168,000 in additional service business over seven months after adding a TEXTcoupon for an oil and filter change on their website.



Auto Dealerships now have the ability to make voice calls from within our TEXT2DRIVE software. All calls are recorded and saved for training and verification purposes. Employees simply click on the customer’s phone number and a voice communication is established. Just click on “CALL PHONE” from the “ACTIONS” menu. TEXT2DRIVE will first call your cell phone, then call your customers phone.



We understand the business-to-business consumer FCAA & TCPA laws, giving you a “legal piece of mind”. Our platform was created by a lawyer who knows how to maintain legal compliance and text message communications. TEXT2DRIVE allows you to legally text message your existing customers while offering them an “opt out” at any time. ALL text communications with your customers are recorded and archived.

What Major Manufacturers & Our Customers Are Saying About TEXT2DRIVE

Rick Stubbs Talks About His Experience With TEXT2DRIVE

“The ability to send out recall notifications has netted us about an additional $48,000 a month in warranty revenue.”

Text Marketing Software For Car Dealerships That WORKS!

“It’s going really well for us. It allows us to communicate with our customers more effectively in a fashion they prefer.”

What Rick Walters Thinks Of TEXT2DRIVE

“I do not embrace technology in any way… but it has made my job a lot easier and customers are just elated.”

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