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New Features

Stay Ahead Of Parts Obsolescence

Parts obsolescence can seem like an uncontrollable force and eliminating it is really just a matter of communication and organization. That’s exactly what TEXT2DRIVETM offers so you can stay ahead of the game. Our easy-to-use interface allows you to keep track of parts and notify customers when their part is in.

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interactive parts dashboard
TEXT2DRIVE Video Walkaround
Video can be recorded up to 3 minutes

Video Walkaround Offers Protection Against False Claims

Seeing really is believing. Video walkaround offers the advantage of documenting the exterior of each vehicle prior to beginning work on it.

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Send Sales & Service Campaigns With Keywords

Keyword campaigns can be used for anything from oil change promotions to information about a car for sale and can be displayed across many promotional channels.

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Easily Set Up Campaigns
ChicagoCars demo of keyword campaigns
Speed CheckOut E-Signature Feature
Speed CheckOut eSign samples

Speed CheckOut's ALL NEW E-Signature Feature

Introducing E-Signature, an NEW feature for our Speed CheckOutTM Mobile Payment & Invoicing system. Now your customers can sign their invoice electronically right from their phone.

Invoices can be approved, paid for, and authorized with our easy “3-Step Process”.

See Our 3-Step Process

NEW Appointment Calendar Invite

TEXT2DRIVETM has developed a great new tool to make it easy for your customers to remember their service appointment. When an appointment is created, this automation feature will send a click-able calendar invite allowing your customer to easily save the date on their mobile device.

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Appointment Calendar Invite
Appointment Calendar Invite
Service History Feature

Upgraded Detailed Service History Profiles

TEXT2DRIVETM has upgraded its service history profile, making it even easier to find your customers and get a quick overview of their vehicle’s service history. Your customer profiles now include a detailed history of services performed, as well as any declined or recommended repair work needed. We’ve also added the capability to search for customers using a previous repair order number.

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Introducing Group Chat

TEXT2DRIVETM’s Group Chat is another useful feature of our Auto Dealership Text Messaging Software. It allows any manager or employee the ability to create chat rooms to communicate with an entire group of other employees. Useful for sending group messages to individual departments or the entire dealership.

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Service To Sales Mining Tool

TEXT2DRIVETM believes that a dealership’s data should be used to increase vehicle sales and to give customers an opportunity to enjoy the numerous manufacturer incentives that are available.

With our new Service To Sales Mining Tool, all a Sales Manager has to do is select the year, make, and model of customer vehicles that are attractive for used car buyers and create a campaign to locate those cars within the dealer’s own customer base.

When one of the vehicles selected for the “buy back” campaign enters the dealer’s service drive, sales managers are alerted by the receipt of a “push notification” within their TEXT2DRIVETM Dashboard announcing that a customer with a vehicle they may be interested in has arrived. All of this is accomplished using the TEXT2DRIVETM powerful data routing and automation.

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Online Payments & Invoicing

TEXT2DRIVETM now affords any dealer and any dealership department the ability to send customer invoices via text and allow customers to pay those invoices online. Parts, Sales, Service, Body Shop, makes no difference when a dealer deploys the TEXT2DRIVETM Online Invoicing feature.

Take a look and you’ll see huge value and added customer advocacy when waiting in line to pay a bill is history and faxing credit card information becomes a faint memory. At TEXT2DRIVETM, we “drive” text communications further and faster.

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Tablet Text Communications Interface

Tablet devices have become almost mandatory service advisor hardware at many auto dealerships today. The TEXT2DRIVETM Development Team, who are always pushing the technology envelope wider and wider, have created the perfect companion for any service advisor who uses a tablet in their service drive.

The Tablet Text Communication Interface provides all of the functionality of our desktop version. It works perfectly alongside tablet write up software and DMS add-ons. Advisors are never chained to their desks and will never miss a customer text communication when they login to The Tablet Text Communication Interface. iPad, Android, Surface, makes no difference. The Tablet Text Communication Interface is another great addition to the Powerful Suite of TEXT2DRIVETM software features.

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